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Email list

Email list: fcal-collaboration@desy.de

The list is intended to provide a common communication platform for all members of the FCAL collaboration or other interested people.

You can also send an email to sympa at desy dot de with the subject: SUBSCRIBE fcal-collaboration Firstname Lastname. The sending email address will be added to the list.
All subscription requests have to be authorized by the list owner. So this might possibly take some time. To avoid spamming only list members are allowed to send emails via the list. Note that the maximum email size is 100kBytes including any attachment.

Here are some additional remarks:
You will find our email list on the sympa interface page at desy (https://lists.desy.de/sympa) under the category "Others" or just click on "list of lists", scroll down to "fcal-collaboration@desy.de" and click on the link.
I recommend that after subscribing you request a password for the sympa interface page at desy. Just click on "First login?" in the top left corner and follow the instructions.
After receiving your password you can login and use advanced functionality of sympa like:

- Viewing the member list.
- Searching the archive for old messages.
- Accessing the folder of shared documents. (Instead of sending attachments you can upload files to this folder).

You might also notice that at least when using pine as your email program you will have this message "[ Note: This message contains email list management information ]" at the end of the emails send via sympa. Using these information you can unsubscribe, contact the list owner etc..


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