BeamCal is an electromagnetic sandwich calorimeter that uses Tungsten as absorber. It serves three major purposes:

  1. Improving the hermeticity of the ILC detector by providing electron and photon identification down to polar angles of a few mrad. This is a specially challenging task due to the vast amount of deposited energy from the electron-positron pairs originating from beamstrahlung.
  2. Reducing the backscattering from pairs into the inner ILC detector part and protecting the final magnet of the beam delivery system.
  3. Assisting beam diagnostics. A fast luminosity signal will be provided by BeamCal. The detailed analysis of the shape of the energy deposition from pairs hitting the BeamCal grants access to parameters of the colliding beams.

The sensors of the BeamCal must be very radiation hard. The technologies under investigation are:

- polycrystalline CVD diamond (Chemical Vapor Deposition),
- single crystal CVD diamond,
- GaAs,
- radiation hard silicon.




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